July 10, 2016 12.00pm - July 10, 2016 5.00pm


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The Manzil Gardens stage will feature dance throughout the afternoon with a packed programme from Dancin' Oxford showcasing local dance groups.

The Carnival's dance highlight is special guests 2Faced Dance Company with KAPOW Presented by Dancin' Oxford and Oxford Playhouse. Claire Thompson of Dancin' Oxford says: "Look forward to phenomenal dance, vibrant costumes and audience interaction. Witness the inaugural Superhero Games when three of Planet Earth's greatest superheroes battle it out for the title of Most Supreme Superhero...Ever. There'll be goodies, baddies, quick changes and finally a superhero. Good for all ages."


Mim's Bellydance 12.20-12.30pm
Strawberry Fayre Majorettes 12.30-12.37pm
Flaw R'tists 12.37-12.48pm
Liurai Timor Dance Group 12.48-12.58pm
Oxford Indonesian Society 12.58-1.09pm
Risk Dance Company 1.09-1.16pm
Rhiannon Lewis Masterclass 1.16-1.27pm
Kapow 1.30-1.55 pm
Cream Tease & The Scrumpets 2.06-2.17pm
Stagecoach Abingdon Dance Troupe 2.17-2.28pm
Break for Procession 2.30- 2.40 pm
Messy Jam Dance School 2.40-3.00pm
Kapow 3.00 – 3.25pm
Stagecoach Oxford Dance Troupe 3.36-3.47pm
Serena's sizzling samba medley 3.47-3.53pm
Deddington Youth Dance Co 3.53-3.59pm
Mini Professionals Dance Academy 3.59-4.10pm
Ashnah Dance 4.10-4.21pm
1 Afro fusion 4.21-4.32pm
Sol Samba 4.32-5.00pm





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