Procession Highlights

The theme for the procession in 2017 is 'technology and industry'. Highlights will include costumes and puppets from many community groups and schools.  Bin Bot will be at the head of our procession this year.

The procession will also feature the second half of our extravaganza Colossus Awakes  as the street becomes a living laboratory as young "Guardians of Science" engage audiences in the experiment. Reincarnations of the "Giants of Science" - Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Turing and Franklin, move through the town discovering a spectacle of light and sound.

Colossus will strides out  collecting new insight from the giants of science and the people of the town as they move through the streets. Meet him, walk and talk with him, help him learn.

Binbot at night. Photo Credit Rosie Reed Gold.jpg

Groups wanting to participate should register their interest by 15 June.  Please go to get involved section for more details.

The procession is expected to start at 12.30 pm from The Plain end of Cowley Road and will process to St Mary & St John's Church, near the junction with Magdalen Road. 

WE NEED MORE PROCESSION STEWARDS!  Would you like to be part of the procession?  Don't have a costume?  Wear our volunteer T shirt and play an important role in helping the procession groups process safely down the road, while experiencing the fun of being part of it!  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, as soon as possible on

We are expecting almost 800 people in this year's procession, all travelling in fossil-fuel free ways!






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