Tuesday, August 8th, 2017


13 August, 3-5pm at East Oxford Community Centre

The CowleyRoad.org  DIY community archive is up and running and people have been busy adding their memories to the website. Following our recent launch, we'll be holding a more hands-on session this Sunday to help you get involved.

Bring along a laptop and digital camera if you can. We'll be digitizing material and showing you how to add your memories to the CowleyRoad.org website.

We're also looking for tech-savvy people to come too and enjoy coffee, conviviality and Mediawiki. Perhaps you could help newcomers to understand markdown, or just do some tidying up on the wiki in a friendly atmosphere.

The website  www.cowleyroad.org is open for contributions.  . Just go to the website and request an account. As soon as your account is approved you can start adding your memories, research and images. See the how to page on the website  for more information.


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