2018 represents the 100-year passing of many great iconic artists; men and women that changed the way society thinks, feels and behaves; men and women that recorded history; subverted reality and who’s work and influence holds as much meaning today, as it did in the centuries before.

Looking even further into the past, you will find many world-renowned artists that have stood the test of time, with works of art and styles that are still recognisable today.

For this reason and to honour the awesome legacy of such talented individuals, CRW, are happy to announce, ‘Icons of Art’ as 2018’s Carnival Theme.

• All Carnival participants can choose how to interpret this theme in their own unique style.

• You are asked to be inspired by artists that have wowed the world and left their mark on art history, from a time period of your choosing.

• We are looking for COLOUR, HEIGHT, MOVEMENT and WOW!

• We hope for those of you involved with education and learning, this gives you enough of a curriculum link to enjoy exploring the topic and produce some beautiful pieces of work.

• For all other organisations, we hope that you will find new, original and creative ways of interpreting the theme….

….And for those of you that are really keen to raise the creative bar, we are particularly keen to see moving electric powered floats, floats built around trolleys or buggies or even back pack structures, with height and moving parts.

We are happy to meet and discuss ideas and offer our creative guidance and training where we can.