Pay a Pound to Keep Carnival Around. 



We all had a fabulous day and hope that you did too. If so, we really do need donations to help cover all of our costs in organising this amazing event every year. Costs reach more than £130,000 and this year we didn't raise as much as we would have liked from carnival-goers. So if you came to Carnival and had a good day, we  think that £1 is really not much to ask as a donation.  Please do.

Make your donation online at The Big Give

If you prefer to send your donation by post, please download and print the Carnival Donation Form from the link below and send the form, with your donation, to Cowley Road Works, c/o Pegasus, Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE.  Cheques payable to 'Cowley Road Works.'

 Thank you!


Carnival Donation Form
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