In 2016 Pay a Pound to Keep Carnival Around. 


Make your donation online at The Big Give

If you prefer to send your donation by post, please download and print the Carnival Donation Form from the link below and send the form, with your donation, to Cowley Road Works, c/o Pegasus, Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE.  Cheques payable to 'Cowley Road Works.'


Carnival is the best day out of the year, and the culmination of a year's work and lead up events and workshops. It celebrates our community through a wide variety of culturally diverse performances, activities, art and food, as well as the central Carnival procession, with something for everyone. In 2014 and 2015, 45,000 people came to the Cowley Road and joined the fun at our biggest and best Carnival day yet, and many more joined in the lead up events, workshops with artists, and making and dance workshops in schools to prepare for the procession.

With nearly 300 musicians and DJs, over 200 dancers performing on two stages at venues both inside and outside all along and adjacent to the Cowley Road, it takes a heck of a lot of organising and hard core logistics and equipment. And money.

Cowley Road Works on Carnival and related projects all year round, and we have to pay for all the vital things that make the day happen, like staging, sound systems, security, road closures, cleaning-up after the event. This list goes on.

We have to raise £133,000 in the coming year to make it all happen. Yes, we do get a huge amount of help, and the performers donate their time for nothing. As do a lot of our other helpers and volunteers. And for that we give all our supporters a huge thank you.

We are also very grateful for our core funding from Oxford City Council and our other sponsors. But it isn't quite enough, and we rely on donations from the public to ensure that we reach our fundraising target to continue Carnival in Oxford.

Carnival is free for you to enjoy. It always will be. It is central to the ethos of the event that it should be inclusive. And everyone is welcome to join the party.

But, Carnival isn't free to organise. So, if you came and enjoyed Carnival and all that's associated with it, and would like to help make sure it happens all over again, we are asking if you can make a donation.

If we could get a donation of just £1 or £2 from everyone who has come or plans to come to Carnival, we would be well on our way to raising the necessary funds. So, please consider making a donation to support the future of Carnival.  Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and really will make a difference.


Thank you!


Carnival Donation Form
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