In Kind

If you want to support Carnival, could you offer:

  • Volunteers to help at Carnival or during the preparations for and associated events leading up to the Carnival?
  • Food and drink for volunteers and crew or for fundraising events?
  • Meeting spaces?
  • Transport?
  • Help with publicity, eg designing posters, distributing publicity?
  • Anything else?

If so please get in touch!

Thank you to the following who all generously made cash or in-kind donations to Carnival 2014:

  • Aziz Restaurant
  • Majliss The First Floor
  • Ultimate Picture Palace Bar Aroma
  • The Art Bar Cowley Retreat
  • Black Swan The Library
  • Blanco Malikas
  • Kebab Kid Cape of Good Hope
  • City Arms Sushi Corner
  • Pomegranate Beetroot
  • Leys Pharmacy RMA Properties
  • James Street Tavern Finders Keepers
  • The Corridor Taberu
  • Cafe East Cowley Road Post Office
  • Eastern & Continental Store Greek Taverna
  • Bodrum Kebab Atif Superstore
  • Chef Flausino Perios
  • College & County Yeti
  • Simpli Fresh Rice Box
  • Kadai & Naan Rick's Cafe
  • Cafe Baba Rajastan
  • Sainsbury's Tesco

and others who donated raffle prizes, auction lots and other contributions to fundraising events

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