The Procession

Starting at 12.30 from The Plain

The procession is always one of the star attractions of Carnival Day. Hundreds of people take part in their groups including many of the schools from the area, Oxford Brookes University, bands of musicians and community groups.

We run a series of Carnival Workshops to help schools and community groups to make the most out of getting involved. They provide guidance and hands-on experience of making masks, structures and costumes.

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In 2018 the procession theme is icons of art  and will feature hundreds of people from community groups, schools, dance and music bands.

Coming to Carnival for the first time, Baque de Axé are joining the procession. The group, from London, performed at Notting Hill Carnival last year, and play a style of Maracatu called “Maracatu de Baque Virado”, Portuguese for ‘Maracatu of the turning beat’, a traditional form of carnival parading and percussion with deep roots in Afro-Brazilian traditions and has become a major form of carnival in Recife in Brazil.

Dabke, a youth dance group is coming to Carnival all the way from Palestine. They will be in the procession and performing traditional Palestinian folk dance. This will be a fantastic opportunity for residents of Oxford and its surroundings to share in part of the rich cultural life of Palestine.

Olá Samba (‘hello’ to Samba!) are coming from Cheltenham, bringing loud, energetic Samba drumming.

It should be easy to spot the high stilt walking Extreme Ramblers heads above the rest of the procession!

Also watch out for these regular Carnival highlights.